What Are They Hiding?

Rocky Top Politics reports on the efforts by the Educational Establishment to block parents et al from discovering the truth regarding the teaching of Islamist propaganda within our schools, as well as the direct access provided to the supporters of Islamist terrorists (e.g., CAIR) to shape the curricula:
What Are They Hiding?
Meanwhile, our elected officials continue to do nothing to stop this travesty and protect the children of Tennessee.

TN 7th graders write, recite ‘Allah is the only god’ in history class

After skipping the chapter on Christianity, Spring Hill Middle School students are required to recite the Five Pillars of Islam - including the confessional that Islamists define as a declaration converting to Islam:
TN 7th graders write, recite ‘Allah is the only god’ in history class

Mohammed's History - Exposing Islam's "Hidden Truths" - Of Radical Muslims

William Federer, the author of What Every American Needs to Know about the Qur'an: A History of Islam & the United States and other works, provides an exceptional historical perspective on the history of Mohammed and the origins of Islamist teachings in this video:

How Nazism Explains ‘Moderate’ and ‘Radical’ Islam

Raymond Ibrahim provides an excellent analysis regarding how the current mainstream media and politicians use the strawman argument of "moderate Muslims" in an attempt to refuse to recognize the tenets and history of Islam as the root of Islamist terrorism:
How Nazism Explains ‘Moderate’ and ‘Radical’ Islam

ISIS Organizing Small Armies Inside America

Investor's Business Daily reveals "the FBI reports that all 56 of its field offices have active investigations against other IS suspects" after five Islamist are arrested in New Jersey and New York for recruiting Muslims within the U.S. to wage jihad:
ISIS Organizing Small Armies Inside America

Jihad in Tennessee

The shortvideo below is the first of many to come that identifies the Islamist activist in Tennessee especially their main lobbyist Paul Galloway. Future episodes will provide more details on Galloway's connections to known Muslim Brotherhood operatives and organizations and how our Governor and state DHS have unwiitingly aided the Islamist  in their goal of subverting our Constitution and promoting Islam. 

State Representative Judd Matheny Takes Stand Against Islamist Terrorism in Tennessee

Tennessee State Representative Judd Matheny is standing up for Tennesseans as he confronts state leadership's skirting around the security issues related to Islamist terrorism:
Matheny 7/20/15 "Enough is Enough" press release regarding "Andy's Law"
Matheny "Enough is Enough" background information
Tennessee DHS Commissioner Bill Gibbons' 11/7/11 letter to American Muslim Advisory Council

Tennessee Is the Capital of American Jihad

When even the leftwing Politico begins to notice that Tennessee has a very severe problem with Islamist jihadist, one can only wonder why Governor Haslam and his fellow Islamist sympathizers working at taxpayer expense cannot also see the obvious:
Tennessee Is the Capital of American Jihad, And it didn’t start last week.

Tennessee’s Three Apologist Bills and the Chattanooga Jihad Murder

TN Council 4 Political Justice highlights the role Commissioner of Safety and Homeland Security Bill Gibbons, U.S. Attorney Bill Killian and Governor Bill Haslam are playing in advancing the cause of radical Islamists within Tennessee:
Tennessee’s Three Apologist Bills and the Chattanooga Jihad Murder

Chattanooga and Tennessee's Islamist Problem

DailyRollCall's reporting provides facts and perspective missing from the mainstream media accounts with respect to the underlying issues behind the Islamist attack against our brave Marines and Sailors in Chattanooga - including the role of government officials:
Tennessee's Islamist Problem
The Truth May Never Be Known in Chattanooga


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