US Reps attend Muslim Brotherhood Conference

See what you think about "Forming a more perfect union":
U.S. Government Reps Attend Muslim Brotherhood Conference

TN4PJ Newsletters #42 & 43

Islamists targeting our schools

This link will give you a good overview of how Islamist organizations such as CAIR are infiltrating schools and intend to ensure that only a white-washed version of Islam is available:
CAIR Educating in High Schools

Extreme spinning on the treatment of women under Sharia

A local university plays host to Islamist spinners:
Islamifornia Dreamin’: Maha ElGenaidi Comes to Nashville

Islamic Definitions

As education is one of the primary focuses of this site, it occurred to us that it is very possible that some of the words used when referencing Sharia or Islam may not be familiar to everyone.  So in an effort to make sure that you have that information at hand, we have compiled a list of terms seen frequently in discussion of Sharia or Islam.

Bill Warner presentation in Bradley County

Failure starts at the top

It seems as if few elites in America can be trusted  to recognize or stand up to the Islamist threat. Sound familar....
Elites Failing America in Battle against Terrorism

TN4PJ Newsletter 41

TN4PJ Newsletter #40

In response to the Haslamist press at Politifact

Politifact: Predictable but “useful”!


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