Response to Politifact request

Below is an inquiry from Politifact and our response:
I'm Richard Locker, a reporter at The Commercial Appeal in Memphis and PolitiFact Tennessee, a fact-checking service of The Commercial Appeal and the Knoxville News Sentinel newspapers.
Your website,, has come to our attention and I've been asked to look into its allegations about Gov. Bill Haslam and specifically the site's opening statement:

Understanding The Brotherhood

The National Review highlights the apathy/ignorance of the majority of Congress in ignoring the very real threat posed by Political Islam, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood:
Understanding The Brotherhood

The Muslim Student Association pledge

Our PC Army

So much for knowing your enemy.  We won't even identify the enemy.
Army Report Buried Islamic Motivations For Afghan Murders of US Troops

Dr. Ali and the Jerusalem Fund

Radical Islamists Official Role at Democratic National Convention

National Democrat leaders are going out of its way to welcome and sanction radical Political Islamists - a number of whom have ties to convicted terrorists - with an official role at the Democratic National Convention:
Radical Islam Joins the DNC
Jihad at the DNC
One would think Governor Haslam and Company would not wish to emulate the agenda of national Democrats with respect to promoting Political Islam...

Responses from the Haslam administration but no answers

Questions remain after the official deceptive and insufficient response from the Haslam administration.
TN4PJ Newsletter #38 – Deputy Governor Claude Ramsey’s letter to GOP Chair

The Mirage of Moderate Islam

The Mirage of Moderate Islam
Daniel Greenfield makes the case that violent conquest is inherent within the very foundations of Islam.  Unfortunately, most in the West choose to completely ignore both the past and present history of Islamists.  As Greenfield notes,
"...To Muslims, Islam is what the Thousand Year Reich was to Nazis and a United World is to socialists. A perfect form of global unity that must be achieved at any cost.

MB at the Mosque

The company they keep!
Muslim Brotherhood in Murfreesboro

The inside scoop on Hamas


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