So Much for The Law

Is Governor Haslam's partnership with the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) even legal?  See for yourself:
Newsletter #37 – TN Attorney General opinion and AMAC

More on the Islamic infiltration of our state government

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John Quincy Adams on the threat of Islam

Our 6th President had a completely and totally politically incorrect view of Islam! I wonder if the Governor and Chris Devaney consider him an ignorant bigot too?
John Quincy Adams on Islam

Leftist and Islamist

An informative article on the Left's connection with so-called "moderate Islamist":
The History of the Muslim Public Affairs Council

Bill Haslam's DHS and the AMAC partnership

Is this political correctness or just ignorance on the Governor's part?
TN4PJ Newsletter #34 – Does the Governor even realize what he’s done?

Haslam's Islamist promotion timeline

The facts about the Haslam's administrations promotion of Political Islam are in the latest peice by Betty Henry.  Read all about it:
TN4PJ Newsletter #32 – What Even One Person Can Do

Haslam is uninformed..or in denial

Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama Administration

A warning from Tony Blair


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