Government, Academics and Media Promote Political Islam

Obama Administration aggressively pursuing increased relations with Muslim Brotherhood as Saudi-funded academics assist:
Professors and Politicos Fooled by the Muslim Brotherhood
Top Obama DoJ civil rights official supporting Islamists demanding US criminalize criticism of Islam:
DoJ official refuses to denounce demands for Saudi-style blasphemy law

National Review weighs in on SCF

We have been here before!

Gullible. Out of Touch. Politicians. GOP from DC to Tennessee

11 years after Sep 11, and 3 years after the FT Hood Massacre, political correctness continues to blind our leaders in DC and here in Tennessee as well. While we've come to expect this kind of PC garbage from Democrats it seems Republicans aren't much better. McCain and Boehner in DC slam Michelle Bachman and others for speaking up while the Haslam administration does the same thing to those of us in Tennessee that espouse similar concerns. Contact your U.S. Rep and ask them where they stand!


TN 4 Political Justice Newsletter 30 details the current status of the Governer's irresponsible appointments and promotion of Sharia in Tennessee.


Earlier this week the Tennessean reported on the two different resolutions circulating across the state in reference to Governor Haslam's recent Sharia Compliant  appointment and other instances of the promotion of Islam in our state government. While one resolution dealt strictly with the issue of Political Sharia the other also included a long list of legitimate complaints from a conservative perspective about the Governor.
Several  counties  passed one, both or a variation of the resolutions.

Haslam, Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Part 8 from the series The Muslim Brotherhood in America, Team Obama & The Islamists, outlines the Muslim Brotherhood appointments made by Obama.  We would hope that the Governor of Tennessee would have better sense, but his recent appointments tell us otherwise.  If Obama is his example of determining what is acceptable, we can expect more politically correct and dangerous appointments.  If our state won't stand up for us, who will?  Click on the link below for more info on the ten part series:

All her radical friends are still around

The Environment of Samar Ali
There has been a tremendous movement around the state opposing Governor Bill Haslam's appointment of Samar Ali, a Shariah Compliant Finance, expert to the TN Commission of Economic and Community Development. Below is an expose on the associates of Ms. Ali and why her appointment is very troubling for the citizens of the State of Tennessee.

Wake Up America!

Decorated general: Shariah is here now!
Maybe it was the .50 caliber bullet he took in the chest that makes him so aware when the enemy has crept in close.
Now this decorated general is warning that the enemy of democracy and the U.S. Constitution is so close, it has already penetrated the "deepest halls of our government."

Bill Haslam's Dept of Islamic Child Services

Now we find out that the Department of Child Services under Governor Haslam invited the American Muslim Advisory Council to come and train their personnel.  Presumably the course was Dhimmitude 101.
TN Council for Political Justice Newsletter #28


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