What they really think of us

I guess this guy didn't get the "religion of peace memo":
Muslims: "Wipe Christianity from face of earth"

More on the blood money financing

Is Governor Haslam merely ignorant of what Sharia is as some may have thought?  The  message from the Haslam Administration seems to be that our economic growth requires SCF.  Apparently we can't let a little blood, even possibly American blood, get in the way!

TN Council for Political Justice Newsletters #26 and #27


Eric Bell saw the light

When the facts didn't support his theory, he went with the facts.  Now Eric Bell is exposing the lies and dangers of the Islamists!
Video - Why is Homeland Security not doing anything?

Islamist efforts to get into Tennessee Schools

Dr. Bill Warner at Cornerstone

What you can do to send a message to the Governor and others

Below is a resolution that is circulating through Tennesse in opposition  not only to the Governor's latest appointment but to the advancement of political Shariah in Tennessee.
Note : This document was not created by any Tea Party or 9-12 organization although some have indeed signed it. This document was created as a result of a meeting involving prominent public officials  in the GOP from across the state and experts in the field of the Political Shariah.

Press Releases

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New web site exposes Islamist activity in Tennessee

A new website has now come "on-line" which is doing a great job exposing what the Muslim Brotherhood is doing here in TN.
Daily Roll Call - Lessons Learned

Lie of the Day - Ali Appointment Just a Human Resources Decision

Apparently, the current diversionary tactic from the Haslam Administration is that the appointment of a facilitator and advocate for Shariah Compliant Finance to an influential position in state government is nothing more than a simple hiring decision made by Human Resources.  Let us recognize this trial balloon for the lie that it is.  The International Director of Tennessee's Economic and Community Development Department is, in fact, a political appointment.  All political appointments serve with the approval and at the pleasure of Governor Haslam, even though Will Alexander and Commissio

Our Troops on the receiving end of Shariah Compliant Finance

The attached video will be familar to those  of us that have deployed to Iraq. Maybe Gov. Haslam needs to see where some of the funds from Shariah Compliant Finance go.


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