More on the good ol' girl from Waverly and her SCF exploits

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TN Council for Political Justice

2010 articles regarding Ali's White House appointment:

Kagan and Shariah

Current Obama-appointed Supreme Court Justice, former Obama Solicitor General, former Harvard Law School Dean Elena Kagan has a long history supporting Shariah Compliant Finance and Islamists.
Elena Kagan's Shariah Red Flag

Jihad with Money

See just some of the countries, companies and organizations involved in SCF or Jihad with Money
US Naval War College Study - The Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW), Shari'ah Financing and the Coming Ummah

Sharia Finance - Act for America

This is a 7:45 minute video by Joy Brighton “Act for America”. It is an excellent education tool.

Sharia Compliant Financing

This video is Chris Holton explaining Sharia Compliant Financing.

Haslam's Folly


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