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BillHislam.com originated in June of 2012 in response to the promotion and advancement of Political Islam/Sharia within Tennessee state government by the administration of Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam.  Though we continue to chronicle and alert the citizens of Tennessee to the advancement of Political Islam/Sharia within our state, the scope of this site has been expanded in order to more effectively educate any who wish to be informed regarding the ideology and consequences of Political Islam/Sharia.  To this end, we encourage visitors to the site to avail themselves of the many posted and linked resources herein. 

For those interested specifically in the advancement of Political Islam/Sharia within Tennessee, we recommend the Timeline and the information contained in Haslam's Folly and Connecting More Dots as starting points.

The radical ideology and actions of Political Islamists pose a grave and inherent threat to our nation’s freedoms and security.  Whether it is manifest in the form of the violent jihad of Islamist terrorism; the “stealth jihad” prevalent within our borders; the Sharia-Compliant Finance often used as a means to fund Islamist terrorism; the usurpation of the Constitution with Sharia Law; or any of the other tactics used by Political Islamist, Political Islamist have publicly and repeatedly stated their intent to destroy our nation.  It is the better part of wisdom that we take them at their word.

This site does not advocate for restrictions on the free exercise of religion.  The information provided herein addresses the implications of Political Sharia and Islamists who adhere to same.  Since, by definition, Sharia is incompatible with the laws of our constitutional republic, we clearly understand that neither our public funds nor our government officials should advance the implementation of Sharia.  Likewise, those in positions of authority within our government who advocate for Sharia will necessarily find themselves in conflict with their constitutional oath.
This site is a work in progress and your patience is appreciated.  The information provided at this site is not of commercial nature and is provided for nonprofit educational purposes only.