Team Obama wins fight to have [Tennessee] Christian home-school family deported

  Todd Starnes reports on the ongoing plight of the Romeike family - who legally immigrated to the US from Germany in order to home school their children and are currently living in East Tennessee - as the Obama Administration aggressively fights to deport them:
Team Obama wins fight to have Christian home-school family deported
  What is missing from the story is any mention of Governor Haslam or the Tennessee congressional delegation standing in defense of this Christian family.  The same Governor Haslam who used his sole veto to remove protections from targeted and persecuted Christian students at Vanderbilt - yet aggressively promotes Political Islamists affiliated with groups with documented ties to Islamist terrorism and the resettlement of tens of thousands of Islamists (aka radical Muslims opposed to the principles of our constitutional republic) across Tennessee - apparently cannot find it in his heart to champion the protection of this one family that is being persecuted solely for their Christian beliefs. 
  Perhaps the governor is actually doing something positive in secret and the Tennesseans for whom he works have just not been privy to his good deeds.  Perhaps he is not in full agreement with the Obama Administration.  If this is not the case, those close to the governor might care enough to question why his actions not only repeatedly violate the principles of the Republican Party and the Constitutions of both the U.S. and Tennessee, but also embolden the forces of evil and stand in defiance of God Almighty. 
  Though God already knows the answer to the above question, Governor Haslam's employers, the people of Tennessee, are also entitled to a public response. 
  I will await the Governor's press conference....