Jew Hatred Unites Tennessee Muslims

  As Hamas continues to attack innocent Israelis (using mosques, schools, hospitals and private homes to do so) and force civilian residents of Gaza to act as human shields, Tennessee supporters of Islamist terrorism demonstrate in support of Hamas' murderous rampage:
Jew Hatred Unites Tennessee Muslims
  While the actions of these Islamists is expected as it is in keeping with the teachings of Islam, the lack of repudiation by Bill Haslam and other politicians who continue to support these very same Islamists should be of concern to every Tennessean - at least to every Tennessean that does not support Islamist terrorists.
  As for the Islamist terrorists supporters in Tennessee, not that it will change their hatred for Jews and other non-Muslims, but maybe they should read what the people of Gaza think about Hamas before they plan their next protest:
War-weary Gazans lash out at Hamas
Per one Gaza resident, “No normal human being can watch what’s going on and still support Hamas. I beg the Israeli army to understand that Hamas uses civilians, while their own leaders (like Mashaal) are hiding in Qatar.”  This begs the question, are the pro-Hamas Islamists in Tennessee normal human beings?