September 11th: Remember, then act!

Surely most Americans spent at least a few minutes on Tuesday remembering the events of 9-11.  The murder of over 3,000 innocent Americans at the hands of Islamist Jihadist following the dictates of their vile ideology should never be forgotten.  Hopefully, thoughts also turned to the thousands in our military that have given their lives or limbs in the fight against Islamist terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the globe.  No doubt prayers were offered for the families devastated by these losses and continued hardships.  Thoughts and prayers are a natural part of such a tragic anniversary. 
However, the ideology that spawned this great evil is by no means defeated here in America.  After nearly eleven years of fighting Islamist terrorism abroad, many of our leaders appear to have forgotten - or refuse to acknowledge - the very real threat that Islamist terrorism poses to our security and our freedoms.
At the federal level, the Department of Homeland Security has replaced phrases such as “radical Islam” or “Islamic terrorism” with more politically correct phrases such as “violent extremism” to avoid offending the Islamists.  This is the same Department of Homeland Security that issued a statement in 2009 indicating that Pro-Lifers, Tea Partiers, Veterans returning from Iraq, devout Christians, and 2nd Amendment supporters were a potential threat to peace in America.
In 2009, while shouting “Allahu Akhbar”, Army MAJ Nidal Hasan gunned down thirteen of his fellow Soldiers in FT Hood Texas in a violent act of Jihad.  Prior to his murderous rampage, MAJ Hasan made numerous statements indicating that he was a threat based on his Islamist views.  He even placed the abbreviation for “Soldier of Allah” on his Army business cards.  However, his peers and leaders alike were too cowardly to report their concerns out of fear of being labeled as bigots or Islamaphobes.  The Obama Administration officially refers to this blatant act of Islamist terrorism as “workplace violence”.
Recently, after several members of Congress expressed their concern over Muslim Brotherhood influence in our government, they, too, were faced with the charge of “bigotry” designed to silence any and all criticism of Islamists.  Indeed, at the federal level, the list of such intimidations of those speaking the truth goes on and on.
Here in Tennessee, Governor Bill Haslam, his administration, and Islamist apologists in both politics and the media have employed the same name calling tactics as the Left in their attempts to silence the legitimate concerns of everyday citizens, including GOP members from across the state.
It is obvious that many in our government are either still amazingly ignorant of the threat posed by Political Islam, are too cowardly to speak out, or even complicit.  Regardless of the reason, the end result is the same.  The influence of Political Islam is growing in America.
Note the reference is to “Political Islam”, as opposed to free practice of religion.  Muslims, just like anybody else in America, are free to worship according to the dictates of their conscience.  “Political  Islam”, however, seeks to force all others to defer, conform and submit to Islamist law/ideology.  Such was the goal of the terrorist on 9-11.  Such is the publicly stated goal of Islamist like the Muslim Brotherhood and their many front groups, including those here in Tennessee.
Next year on September 11th, there will again be prayers and ceremonies, tears and painful memories.  Perhaps a better memorial would be for us all to do everything in our power not only to prevent another 9-11, but to combat the cruel, twisted ideology that spawned that terrible day - an ideology that is steadily being empowered and entrenched by the fools, cowards and (in some cases) out-right traitors at various levels in our government.
What can we do?  The first thing we must do is educate ourselves, our family and our friends.  We need to distinguish between a legitimate 1st Amendment right of religious freedom versus the promotion of “Political Islam”, which threatens all of our rights and is, by definition, incompatible with our Constitution.
Secondly, we must hold all of our political leaders accountable.  If they are ignorant of the threat; if they are too cowardly to take a stand; and surely if they are complicit in the promotion of “Political Islam”; they must be voted out.  Eleven years after 9-11, it is inexcusable that anyone seeking public office not understand the threat of Political Islam and be willing to stand up to it.  Nothing less can be expected or accepted.